The City of Johannesburg embarked on defining a new strategy: the Growth and Development Strategy 2040 in an attempt to address the many challenges faced in managing a large city like Johannesburg, and to refocus on being more effective in dealing with and providing better service delivery. In the financial year (12/13) the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) and independent funders make their investments towards Capital Development projects through Joshco.  Some of the capital funding is utilised for the development of infrastructure, whilst the rest is used for the refurbishment of existing buildings, conversion of hostels into liveable space as well as new developments. All of these are for the sole purpose of occupation by leasing tenants.

Energy Efficiencies


JOSHCO uses an integrated approach to property management with strong emphasis on building sustainable communities. One of the aims of the GDS 2040 is to address energy efficiency in buildings, as part of the drive towards a low carbon economy and the sustainable use of energy resources.

JOSHCO has started installing solar panels and heat pumps in some of its buildings for water heating and plans on designing projects which will incorporate rain water harvesting.

Corridors of Freedom


JOSHCO strives to produce and manage affordable rental housing in a way that encourages resource sustainability. The City of Johannesburg’s vision is to promote transport-oriented developments.

JOSHCO aims to make maximum use of land opportunities located close to mass public transportation corridors. The City of Johannesburg envisages a future where the City will consist of well-planned transport arteries “The Corridors of Freedom” linked to mixed-use development nodes with high density accommodation supported by office buildings, retail developments and opportunities for education, leisure and recreation. The developments of dedicated transport corridors hold a number of advantages for Johannesburg, in that the City will focus on productive land use and economic activities in areas where transport infrastructure, rail and road are already present of being planned.

JOSHCO promotes developments in declining urban nodes so that the local economies in those areas receive an injection of public investment and so ensuring that the local economies are supported through the strengthening demand for goods and services.