What once was an eye sore and epitomized the apartheid regime where men were isolated living in single sex dormitories has evolved and been transformed into being a family conducive environment bringing new life to this neighbourhood which was previously classed as an industrial area. This former derelict building that operated like and was serviced no better than an informal settlement has been transformed into an exemplary development drawing accolades from both tenants as well as the general public. Following a capital investment of R 5 million from the City of Johannesburg the hostel dormitories were converted into bachelor, one bedroom, and two bedroom apartments in which families could reside. The project has also refurbished external infrastructure such as roads, pedestrian walkways, garden and amenities breathing new life into the neighbourhood. The Development is a hive of activity bosting a crèche and wonderful play areas for the children and recreation areas for the entire family.


The City Deep development was awarded the Southern African Housing Foundation (SAHF ) award in 2014 in recognition of the SAHF Best Social Housing Project for 2014.


Winner of the SAHF – Best Social Housing Project of 2014

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