The recently refurbished Selby Village Hostel is located in the Johannesburg inner city at No1 Ntemi Piliso Street in Selby. It was launched 24th June 2014 in line with the City’s inner-city regeneration programme that seeks to provide high quality housing that is safe, clean and well managed. The redevelopment of the former male-only hostel involved the demolition of existing single storey dwellings. The conversion of the 3 storey blocks and the construction of the new green fields 4 storey blocks with a total of 268 family units. This providing much needed rental accommodation for the hostel dwellers employed by the City of Johannesburg’s various municipal entities. The refurbishment of Selby Village epitomises the promise of transforming the lives of the tenants that dwell in the newly refurbished units. Now the aptly name Selby “Village” is a vibrant bustling village allowing families to create a happy life style in the inner city.