Europa was once a glamorous Hotel hosting celebrities both local and international before it became a crime and corruption home base. The building soon fell into the category of “Slumb” and was expropriated. Initially the building was managed by Madulammoho on behalf of the City of Johannesburg (CoJ). The concept planned for the project was a combination of bachelor and communal units. This project didn’t yield the desired outcomes and was then brought onto JOSHCO’s books and redesigned to meet the needs of a lower income group. Europa consists of 161 rooms with shared facilities such as ablution areas, kitchens as well as communal spaces. Part of the inner city regeneration program. Europa House is in close proximity to the Johannesburg train station and was re-designed by JOSHCO for provision of affordable much needed rental housing albeit with shared facilities. The property was a vacant office building that was subsequently converted by JOSHCO into 161 rooms. Tenants of this development enjoy the benefit of being conveniently situated in the heart of the city with amenities no more than a stone throw away.



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