Located on the corner of Quarts and Hancock Street in Joubert Park, MBV is a 9 storey building, with 2 basement levels and has 156 rooms with shared communal facilities. This building was originally developed as an 8 storey military hospital with six basements.  The building was later vacated and occupied as a residential building but was not redesigned as such. The City of Johannesburg’s (CoJ) scope of work for this project included the installation of prepaid electrical meters and some upgrade to the basement parking. Also supply and installation of 187 customer interface units in each of the residences. It was handed over to JOSHCO to manage in June 2010. A housing supervisor lives on the property. The building was earmarked for the allocation of qualifying residents from the Bertrams vacinity since the Johannesburg Property Company (JPC) was in the process of restoring/ demolishing buildings in the area.



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