JOSHCO | Johannesburg Social Housing Company

Welcome To JOSHCO - Johannesburg Social Housing Company

 Our mandate is to deliver affordable and sustainable social housing in JOBURG

About Us

JOSHCO History

JOSHCO has grown rapidly since it was created by the City of Johannesburg in March 2004 to provide quality, affordable and sustainable social housing products..

JOSHCO’s Mandate Is To:

  • Manage all Council-owned rental stock,
  • Manage and refurbish staff and public hostels,
  • Develop new rental stock and implement other mutually agreed housing developments,
  • Provide housing management services and turnaround strategies where necessary.

JOSHCO’s Vision

Provider of quality, affordable housing designed to world class standards that contribute to a sustainable, resilient, liveable city by 2040

JOSHCO’s Mission

JOSHCO will design and build quality, resource-efficient, economically sustainable and affordable housing products, which are close to transport notes and which address the needs of the community and the environment in Johannesburg, with a strong emphasis on effective management and customer-focussed service delivery.